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Justine Hardy’s non-fiction and fiction titles are the fruit of her twenty-year career as a journalist and writer based in India. They immerse the reader in radically different worlds: the realities of living in orthodox Islam in Kashmir, Tibetan festivals in the high Himalaya, the newspaper world of Delhi, Bollywood babes of the Hindi film industry, the rise of modern India, the cost of internal conflict. The changing shape of modern Islam, ancient Indian philosophy, the best hotel in Morocco, the worst stock investment in South Asia, the AIDs epidemic amongst the second highest population in the world, where to die, where to be born, jihad, polo, dog-walking in Central Park, a circumcision party in Waziristan. This wide spread of subjects have appeared in publications ranging from The Financial Times to The Indian Express. Yoga has been embraced by a fast-growing western following as an antidote to the rush and crush of the way we live. But much of what is now taught in the West is really only one part of an eight-limb practice—almost like learning to drive in just one gear. Having had the luck to study with some of the great traditional teachers in India Justine writes about, teaches, and continues to study integrated yoga and Eastern philosophy in both England and India. When Justine first started working in India in the early 1990s it was a vast country with both a struggling economy and people. Now it finds itself in the headlines all the time, for its economic boom as much as for its buffer position next to the power-block of China. Here is an archive of writing and information resource marking the rise of modern India—both a commentary on the country as well as being a useful, practical guide. With many years of working in slum education in Delhi, prisoner rehabilitation in the UK, disaster and mental health work in Kashmir, one of the things that stands out so starkly in the NGO, charity, and non-profit world is the lack of information and resource sharing. This section is to be a growing library of information on the projects that Justine works on, as well as those in the same and similar fields.
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